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A story based on the popular board game chess, following one of the "worst" pieces in her journey in a chess game.

The Game Chess Insight:
Chess is a board game that contains two teams (mostly white and black) that place against each other. Each team has the same amount of chess pieces and each chess piece have different rules and roles. Ex: Knights (Horses) can jump over other chess pieces and can only move in an 'L' shape, while Castles can move up, down, right and left, etc. White always moves first and then black and then again white. When you land on a block that has the opposite teams chess piece you can take it and put it to the side because it is unusable for the other team and is not on the board or counted as a piece in the game (except if it's the King).The way you win in chess is if you 'checkmate' the other team's King. The way you 'checkmate' a king is who have to surround him with your pieces and if your king cannot move anywhere (the King can move one block around him diagonally or up, down, right and left) you lose and you are therefore 'checkmated'. There are many rules, but this is just a simple Overview of the general game.

Chess Explanation when it comes to Story:
For those who don't know in chess pawn's are the worst pieces as they can only move in one direction (which is forwards) and go one or two spaces a time, but when a pawn in chess reaches the opposite end of the board they can become a queen which is the strongest piece since it can go anywhere and can go to any space.

Story Explanation:
Pawn was like any other pawn who were teased by the others chess pieces for being weak. Unlike the other pawns, Pawn was stubborn and wanted to prove everyone else wrong. She started training and at first it was to be ready for the chess match to win, but it later became a training routine to prove others wrong and prove she was strong. Until the day of the chess match, where everyone was shocked to find out that the game wasn't just for fun, it was for their lives. Because of this Pawn stopped caring about proving herself to be strong and just wanted to survive. Because of this, Pawn left her teammates and was on the run. Until Pawn reached the end of the chess board and became a queen. Pawn realized that even though she is much stronger now, this battle is scary and her teammates were in trouble. So with her new strength, she took down the queen and later the king. She then lived a happy life with the other pieces and they never made fun of her or anyone else

Sometimes you've got to put away your pride in order to help others even if they are not always the nicest to you

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