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Once upon a time, there was a robot boy named Nolan, everyday Nolan practiced for the simulation testing for a puzzle game created by the government. Until one day, he met another robot named Miara. The goal of the main character in Act II is to get Miara to notice him through his athletic capabilities and smarts in the simulation arena that is broadcasted throughout the academy that they both attend. Nolan reaches a low point when he spots Miara laughing and hanging out with another robot named Atlas. Nolan learns though sorrow that he needs to focus on himself and he shouldn't be obsessed with someone who has no idea that they exist. Nolan also learns that he should stop waiting for the perfect moment because it may never come. Sometimes you need to roll the dice before you lose your turn and someone else takes what you desire most. The crisis now is to focus on his examination as his distractions with impressing Miara hindered his ability in the simulation chambers. He is on the verge of getting expelled from the program. The problem will be resolved when Nolan finally introduces himself to Miara and realizes his own fears were irrational. Nolan demonstrates that he has changed because he accepts that you shouldn't fear judgment from others. Nolan gains the confidence to continue his training in the simulation chambers until finally, he exceeds his examination. Ever since then he hangs out with Miara and invites her into his inner circle of friends. the lesson of the story is to get passed your fear of judgment and to not let it influence your own happiness.

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Ridwan Haque



Artificial Adventure

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