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Hi, eveyone, here´s my story reel for the week 8, for personal and laboral reasons i couldn´t fix and add all the thinks that i would like, i still hope you like it!

Once upon a time, in the spirit world, there was a young soul named Death, who at a very young age was forced to inherit her father's work as the grim reaper who is in charge of harvesting the souls of the dead from the human world. This new work led him to be teased from an early age.
At the same time another young soul inherited the power to bring liveliness and joy to the human world with her resplendent smile, this young soul would be known as Life.
At some point in his youth, Death tried to approach Life so that both would be friends, but his parents and the rest of the spiritual world prevented him and condemned Death to a sad and lonely existence. Death's childhood was very hard, the other souls were constantly groping and bothering him. Death eventually became colder, more aggressive and more terrifying until it finally became the terrifying and lonely creature that others believed it had always been.
Life, on the contrary, was constantly praised and loved for charisma and kindness, her smile made her famous, and her face began to appear everywhere. Life had quickly become a celebrity loved and respected by all souls, by all but Death who developed a deep and secret envy towards her.
One day, after returning from his dismal job, Death was forced to cross a festival in honor of Life in order to get home. The crowd of souls quickly began to boo and annoy him by throwing things at him by insulting him repeatedly.
Life realizes what happened from his stage but only observes with curiosity without intervening while Death is publicly humiliated while he throws a last look of anger and contempt before leaving the festival.
A few days later Death is waiting for his transport to go to work, an unexpected companion joined him in his waiting, it was Life, who for some reason was by his side throughout the trip. Apparently the two had to complete a job in the same destination, Life tried to talk to Death about his attitude at the festival, but he always ignored her and responded in a cutting way, they began to make comments about the work and life of each one to which they quickly began to discuss about who had the most difficult job.
Finally, after the discussion, Life proposes to Death a magical deal in which both would change roles and live each other's lives to decide once and for all who is the most difficult job.
Death, angrier than usual, accepts the deal and gives Life a handshake before changing roles.

Life wakes up late in Death's house, she finds herself completely alone, without anyone bothering her and is glad about it, while Death is awakened by a clock alarm and quickly taken by a bunch of subjects to breakfast, the food served on Death's plate is delicious and plentiful while Life has to face the sad image of her completely empty refrigerator. Life heads to a store for food, but realizing that she has no money at all, she is immediately expelled by the shopkeeper and the other customers while Death leaves her home accompanied by a handful of sycophants and is kindly greeted by the citizens for the first time in her existence.
When the two return home they notice that they have received a letter, it is time to go out to work. After a while, again Life and Death are waiting together for their transport to the human world, Death is totally surrounded by followers and fans who prevent him from even maintaining eye contact with Life.
The transport finally arrives and they both climb on it leaving behind the sycophants of Death. The journey is long and very uncomfortable, neither of them cross glances or exchange words until finally the time comes for Death to get off the transport but not before warning life "intenta not taking it personal is always hard for them" after this Death leaves the transport and is quickly approached by even more fans, Death turns to see Life again and she makes a gesture of smile with her hands before the doors close. Life, now alone in transport, feels the gazes of the other passengers and as they judge her in silence, Life's journey becomes long and very uncomfortable.
Death, along with her sycophants behind her back are in front of a pregnant woman in a delicate state of health for her and her children, fans begin to encourage and push Death to act fast, very insecure and confused, Death uses his magic to save the woman, but this does not work. The pressure on Death is increasing and the eyes of his fans are nailed on him as if they were knives, Death tries again without success. Time runs out, the woman's vital signs diminish and nothing works, in a desperate attempt Death closes her eyes and remembers the smile of Life in transport, Death uses her magic again and this time she manages to save the woman who manages to give birth to two beautiful children.
The fans behind Death enthusiastically celebrate his victory and congratulate him, Death gets to see the babies of the now mother who give him a warm and sincere smile, for the first time in his existence Death feels the warmth of gratitude and affection that he never had.
Meanwhile elsewhere in the Human world, a strong lightning bolt illuminates the sky and rain hits the windows, Life stands in front of a hospital door, the hallway is full of distressed and crying people, Life goes through the door and behind her sees a repentant young man holding the hand of his dying grandmother. Life tries to approach the young man to somehow comfort him, but is interrupted by the nurse, the hour of visits is over. Life sees how the boy says goodbye to his grandmother and leaves the room with tears on his cheeks, Life turns to look at the grandmother and she keeps her gaze a few seconds before her soul leaves her body, the grandmother's soul gives her a tender smile before leaving the human world, Life tries to smile back, but it is impossible for him.
Life leaves the room only to have to cross the hallway watching and listening to Grandma's family cry inconsolably, among them the crying of the young grandson was the one who drilled his head the most. Life waits for the transport again, this time with the rain falling on her and covering her ears to stop listening to the cries of that young man. As she boards the transport, the eyes of the other passengers are cast on her again throughout the journey back home.
Upon returning home, Death happily lies on her bed, surrounded by flowers, gifts and with work letters and pay in her hands she prepares for a new day, while Life is lying on her bed, with the envelope of her pay and next job on the floor Life breaks down in tears until she falls asleep.
Work letters come constantly, Death quickly becomes a great celebrity of the spiritual world appearing in interviews, commercials and events, using his magic to bring life to plants, gardens, animals and bring new lives to the human world, doing favors to his sycophants and turning his appearances into shows. Death begins to wear out little by little and to feel overwhelmed by the fame and fans that always surround him to the point of locking himself in his house, surrounded by unopened letters, withered flowers and gifts that he does not want, being harassed by his followers and representatives and being forced to expose himself publicly. Meanwhile, Life continues her work as a soul reaper, trapped in a routine in which she only has to provoke tears and pain in order to exist. Unable to sleep because of the cries of families and the obligation to do their job.
After days of intense work and constant overwhelm Life and Death stop leaving their homes, the letters have accumulated in their mailboxes and under their doors. Life wakes up alone again, tired, sad and hungry, Life keeps a work letter in her hand, the letter bears the name and photo of the young man she saw in her grandmother's room during her first day of work, Life gets up and tries to find strength to go out to work, but feels unable to even open the door. Life lies on the door and cries, thinks of Death and realizes everything she has had to go through during all this time.
A loud rumble interrupts Life's thoughts, she as she looks out her window notices how the plants and roots that Death gave life to have now mutated after their disappearance and are destroying the spiritual world.
Life assumes that all this has to do with Death and the deal they both made so he prepares and runs out in search of Death to try to stop the chaos before it ends everything in its path.

Life runs through the streets of the spiritual world, plants and roots are destroying everything, there is panic everywhere and desperate souls seek refuge and help in the house of Death. Life reaches her destination, but to enter she must first go through the crowd of frightened souls, so Life plucks up the courage and throws herself into the crowd, all the souls around her blame her, throw things at her and insult her for what is happening, among all the gasping, Life notices that Death observes her hidden behind a window and then hides without doing anything.

Finally, Life manages to enter Death's house leaving behind the angry crowd, Life goes deeper into the house until he finds Death lying in a corner, surrounded by letters from work, fans and different requests. Death whispers to Life that he cannot help them all, in his hand he holds a letter, written by the grandmother of the hospital, asking him to please save his young grandson who is seriously ill and just like that there are many other letters on the ground. Life tells Death that they must break the deal to save the spiritual world, but Death, tired, looks her in the eye and refuses to do so because despite the burden and pressure that everyone puts on his shoulders he prefers this life before the loneliness and sadness of his old work, Life tries to convince him, but a giant root runs through the walls of his house also causing the multitude of souls from outside to enter the house seeking death's help. The root falls on the souls but Death uses his magic to stop it temporarily, Life insists on breaking the deal but Death refuses again.
The souls, completely frightened, support Death so that she does not listen to her while insulting her and trying to catch her.
Life is caught and taken away from Death but it explodes in fury against everyone shouting "LEAVE US ALONE!" pushing back the fans and the huge root, after this, Death falls surrendered to the ground. Life manages to free himself and get closer to Death, he tells her that he does not want to be alone again to what life responds by saying that he will not be again, giving him a smile and taking his hand. Death gives up and both finally break the deal of changing roles, returning to how they were before. Life keeps his hand next to Death's and now with his powers back both use them to reverse the chaos in their world. The spiritual world is finally safe, the souls surround Life to celebrate his victory by pushing Death away again, but Life ignores them and throws himself towards his companion giving him a big hug, Death and the other souls are very confused. Life apologizes to him for having ignored him and his pain all this time, slowly among the crowd of souls present begin to sound applause and sounds of joy, finally Death begins to be appreciated by others.
From that day on Life and Death strengthened their ties becoming great friends being recognized for their victory and importance for the balance of the spiritual world, both learned not to judge others because no one knows what the life of the other is like and that everyone regardless of who has a great importance in the world.

This is where the special thanks would go!  I’m assuming they will be a little longer this week, therefore, I designed extra space for them. If there is far more description and special thanks then there is space, this entire box becomes scrollable.

Special Thanks:




Life and Death full story reel

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