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Act II
Oliver sees that the girl has a disfigured face so he asks her if she is okay, he also notices that she tries to cover her face out of shame, Oliver sees that her clothes are stained with blood and sees a disemboweled dog in front of her, Oliver tells him he says that he doesn't have to cover his face that he also has scars, Oliver tells him that she hurt him because they hurt her too, so he gives her advice so that they don't hurt her so much
-don't cry in front of adults, they hate it, but if you want to do it, go where nobody listens to you.
- If they want to hurt you, run to the bathroom, it's the only place in the house that has a lock.
-wait quietly until your mom comes for you.
Oliver told her that if she did these things they wouldn't hurt her so much so she sees the dog and tears come out of her eyes, Oliver sees her sadness and guilt, Oliver takes a Band-Aid out of his pocket and puts it on top of the dog's mutilated organs. dog.
-If you feel sorry, it's enough for him to forgive you, or that's what I do with my dad, I love him, although I don't understand why he does it, adults have many problems that we don't understand.
Redman looks at him seriously and melancholy they reach the third door and the girl says goodbye, Oliver asks Redman if she can come with them, but Redman explains that her time is up, she can't go with them anymore.
Redman asks about the advice he gave the girl, then Oliver tells him about some of his experiences and some of the psychological abuse he experienced, then Oliver felt a bad feeling, a deformed monster began to chase them, Oliver becomes anxious and Redman asks him why he doesn't do anything, Redman only replied that he couldn't do anything and to run, suddenly they separate, Oliver begins to have flashbacks about his life as he had to run from his father, he enters the first door that he sees and remembers how he hid in the bathroom so that his father would not reach him, he hides under the bed and the monster enters, he walks slowly, but Oliver feels that he revives the memory of when his father discovered him and what happened afterwards , Oliver begins to have an anxiety attack his memories are mixed with his current reality then Redman finds him, he gently holds out his hand Oliver compares it to the times when his mother did the m ism and comforted him, Redman gently holds the boy and soothes him with his sweet voice.

Ptt: Sorry I didn't have much time and had to use my first language for the video, but I put all I said here.

The boy questions him because he did nothing with the monster
but Redman had no answer, he just remained without an answer.

they entered a cave was luminous by the reflection of the water in the
slippery rocks, as they walked they heard strange sounds
as if something screamed horribly, soon the screams multiplied.

Oliver wanted to get closer, he said they were cute kittens but at
moment that Redman approaches he manages to see what is in the box, you can see some completely deformed kittens, the mother cat
she looks threatening, she doesn't want Redman to get close and Redman keeps his distance from her.

Redman asks if he's not scared or disgusted by them, but Oliver just says that kittens will always be cute, they're not hurting me so I don't have to be scared, plus I feel like I've seen something like this before but I can't quite remember.

flash back of how his father killed his colorful chick in a horrible way in front of him or many of the times he saw the animals of the call deformed due to mistreatment and cruel life on the streets of a poor neighborhood.

Oliver says he doesn't remember why, Redman walks away down the road and tells Oliver that it's time to go, Oliver says goodbye to the mother cat and the little kittens while Redman gives him a look, then they both continue walking and the scenario changes.

Everything becomes clearer and they see a woman lying on the floor crying uncontrollably, Redman asks the boy if he knows who he is but the boy doesn't, Redman tells him that it's time to cross the last door and Oliver obeys happily, Tears come out of Renman's mask and he collapses next to the woman. He tries to comfort her, even knowing that it is useless, but again he is carrying a story, a new name is filled in his list and many more will come, the laments of an entity. melancholic.

ps: the censored scene is because I know that my story is not for everyone, because it is a bit strong, and that scene in particular, also personally makes me a little embarrassed.

This is where the special thanks would go!  I’m assuming they will be a little longer this week, therefore, I designed extra space for them. If there is far more description and special thanks then there is space, this entire box becomes scrollable.

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