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I did not illustrate Acts 2 and 3 because I did not have enough time to do that and I will do so later

Act 1: Once upon a time, there was a 13-year-old kid named Charlie Hext from Quences Wells, a very conservative town that is highly religious and abhors those who are LGBTQIA2S+ or non-religious. They are bullied every day at school because they are LGBTQIA2S+. Their parents do not support them at home because they are non-binary and queer and have tried to change them into what they want them to be. One day while they are walking to school, they find a chest freezer in the street. Out of curiosity, they go into the street and see a note attached to it. It is in a foreign language that they cannot read, but it looks like a warning. They open the freezer, and they find themselves looking at a portal, which they at once close. Desperate to escape their reality, they open the doorway, which sucks them inside while also taking the letter with them.

ACT 2: When they reach the new world, they are highly confused that the world is the same. Because of this fact, they go to their parent’s home. Everything in the home looks the same as before, except their parents are not there. Because of this, they go upstairs and see their room has changed. They see the pride flag in their room and are highly confused yet ecstatic to know that the freezer has given them what they want. Because of this, they go outside to view their town. They notice something is off. The people are happier and are less critical than before. They see same-sex couples, children with pride flags, and more gender fluidity and expression. While Charlie is walking in the street, they meet a girl named Arenia, who is quite energetic. She says that she is 14 years old and is from Bangladesh. She has spent three months here in this world. In her country, it is illegal to be LGBT+ because of the laws, and anyone who does come out will face persecution. They see her point of view because they too experienced bullying for being LGBT+. She says that she came because of a chest freezer in the street, and Charlie also says they came here from a chest freezer. Arenia says they know a woman named Mama Boje who welcomes newcomers into the world. They go to Mama Boje’s house, and Charlie notices that she is a wise woman with a cane and mystic powers. Arenia tells Mama Boje who they are and why they came here, and she shakes her head in disappointment. She is saddened by how these people are so closed-minded and judgmental. Mama Boje offers Charlie a deal: They stay in this world forever and be happy and free or spend the rest of their lives being unhappy in the old world. They suddenly realize why their parents were gone when they came here to this world. This land gets rid of everything they hate and makes everything according to their image. Charlie realizes that they are in danger with everyone in this world, including Arenia and Mama Boje. They run from the house, but Arenia and Mama Boje trap them with a spell and lock them in a cage. They start to break down and cry because they finally found people that accepted them, and cared about them, to turn on their backs because they declined the offer to stay. Suddenly, they hear a voice calling their name. They look at the ceiling and find their parents glued to it. Charlie asks how they got there, and they told them after they went to school, Mama Boje and Arenia came to their house asking to fix something. They politely let them in and said they needed help to fix a leak in the orb on the staff. Once the dad fixed the orb, the woman immediately took it and used it to transport them and glue their bodies to the ceiling. After hearing the story, Charlie thinks about the letter they have and asks if they can read it. Charlie’s parents say that the letter is in Hebrew. It reads, “To anyone who reads this, the only way to get out of the world is to face your conflict and resolve it.” Charlie knows what this means and finally tells their parents everything about how they have been feeling, why they ran into this world and how everyone hates them at their school. Charlie’s parents feel a sense of shame, guilt, and sadness about how they have been treating their child and apologies to them for their actions.

Act 3: Finally, a portal begins to suck everyone inside it, including Mama Boje, Charlie, and their parents. When they finally reach their original hometown, Charlie sighs relief that everything is back to normal but is confused by why Mama Boje got sucked out also. When questioned about this, Mama Boje says that she is the original inventor of the chest freezer and used it as a tool to help people face their conflicts by giving them their wants. Also, she set them up to beat their troubles. While Charlie finds her methods unethical, they thank them for helping them face their conflicts and settle things with their parents. After Mama Boje leaves and the Hext family returns home, their parents say that despite their values, they will work on understanding Charlie better and finding ways to bond with them better. Charlie asks the parents their reason for being in Quences Wells despite the religious abuse. The mother states crying, "The truth is Charlie, our parents arranged for your father and me to marry when we were only 16. We never had the time to explore ourselves, our love, or our freedom. I told your father of my love for other women when I was 20. Your father laid on me his secret of being enchanted by the love of both men and women. We were young and innocent in our 20s, just wanting to keep our families happy, but our secrets were kept. So, we moved to Quences Wells to be normal and live for the appearances of others so we could build a future for you. However, you broke our generational pattern by being yourself and my child has made all the difference. I know this is a shock to you, but understand your father and I had to do this all for you." Charlie drops to the floor, shocked. Their whole world becomes shattered, but a new one arises as the family embraces all their differences because their one child decided to take the road less travelled and become the being they knew inside to be, now and until the end of their time on this Earth. Charlie also suggested the family move out of Quences Wells and find somewhere else to live because it is not safe for them. They agree and move out of the town and find somewhere else to live. And ever since then, Charlie has been much happier living in a new city with new friends that love and accept them.

This is where the special thanks would go!  I’m assuming they will be a little longer this week, therefore, I designed extra space for them. If there is far more description and special thanks then there is space, this entire box becomes scrollable.

Special Thanks:

Badkidscoven (Katime & Majid)



Charlie's Desire

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