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This story, although can be improved upon, is a basic idea I had representing a very important problem in todays society. The story focuses on Casey with his two best friends Amora and Brian and his love interest Niko. Now there is a spoiler, a lens you can look through once you watch the video to let the story fall in its place, so once you've finished it, read the bottom of this page.

This story was built to be seen through the body of Casey. Meaning his friends Amora was his heart, Brian was his brain, and Niko was nicotine. Their special hangout is Casey's body, so as time goes on with this addiction to Niko, it slowly becomes darker and more torn.

This is where the special thanks would go!  I’m assuming they will be a little longer this week, therefore, I designed extra space for them. If there is far more description and special thanks then there is space, this entire box becomes scrollable.

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There's a boot in my snake




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