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At a young age, around 8 years old, Alysia Bell wants to feel loved and be loved by many. Before she goes to bed one night, she makes a wish to meet her soulmate in this lifetime. The angels above heard her prayers and became a mediator for a dream to connect Alysia and her soulmate. Alysia is really amazed that her wish was heard by the angels. The first night, they exchange names in the dreams and Alysia wakes up to tell her best friend Nick about the dream. Nick encourages her to give hints in the dreams to meet up in real life one day.

Every day, she dreams about her soulmate and interacts with her in the dreams. She would ask questions to get to know her more. Alysia would write them down in her journal to remember. She continues to do this for almost every night until one day, at the age of 19, she coincidentally sees her soulmate in the same college class. Alysia is nervous to approach her soulmate. The next night, an angel appears in Alysia’s dream telling her that she should go for it anyway to see where it goes.

So, Alysia introduces herself to her soulmate asking if she remembers her from the dreams that they shared. Sadie responds to Alysia and says that she doesn’t remember her dreams nor her. This makes Alysia sad at first, but she is persistent in making Sadie remember her. Alysia attempts to spark Sadie’s memories by repeating phrases that were said in the dreams or actions done in the dreams. Alysia talks to Sadie everyday in real life and mentions a memory from one of their shared dreams. Alysia realizes that she needs additional help.

So, Alysia tells Nick about seeing her soulmate in real life. Nick suggests bringing her journal to prove that Alysia has been the one who interacted with Sadie all these years. Alysia brings the journal to show to Sadie. Sadie sees that the information about her in this journal is true, but she still won’t acknowledge Alysia and their shared dreams.

Finally, Alysia realizes that her attempts of getting Sadie to recognize her has failed. Alysia cries to bed one night and accepts that she cannot get Sadie to recognize her. She sees Sadie in her dream with an angel, but the angel wraps them with a red string tied to their hearts. The angel says to fear not, that although at the mortal level Sadie fails to connect, at the soul level they are bound eternally.

Alysia wakes up and tells Nick about her dream with the angel. Alysia is still sad, but Nick consoles her sadness and makes her happy instead. Nick tells Alysia that although she may not be loved by a soulmate, she will always be loved by friends and family platonically.

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Dream Soulmates

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