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Uploading a new version with the updated script and placeholder images. Working towards new visuals and a more refined script. Thank you for your feedback!

Re-uploading last version...please comment if you did not see it before. New one coming soon!

New ending is below...

...If the special chemical could be used to make their roots walk, what could it do to their branches covered in this special fungus? Perhaps it would let them move like birds instead of just humans and they could fly away and see how humans would manage without their help. "You're crazy Brianch, only birds can do this!" We need to experiment with science as well Chip...there isn't time to argue. Please. Go.
A reluctant Chip still manages to succeed in stealing a small sample for Brianch to test out. Suddenly, he can move his branches differently and the ground around him starts to loosen - Chip watches in awe. He tries with all his might to fly. It didn't work as he could not lift himself off the ground.
Eventually the special chemical wears off and he is unable to move his branches. Brianch starts to cry. He hasn't cried since he used to listen to fairy tales. He is more lost than ever. Chip settles on his shoulder and gives him a hug. "If I would have given up when I first failed, I would never have learned to surf! More importantly, if I didn't face my fears and ask the Orcas for help...I would not be a surfer.
Here is an idea Brianch. Like a bird with feathers, a tree with leaves might be able to fly? Since Brianch had lost his leaves, he didnt have the feathers to fly but perhaps the other nearby trees could try it out. Brianch is skeptical to bring Chip in as a co-leader in their brainstorm...but he surrenders to doing things all by himself for once.
Chip lathers the special chemical around nearby trees and they begin shaking their branches like wings furiosly until they lift themselves off the ground! Brianch has his Eureka moment, but they need more chemical!
The unsuspecting humans are surprised to encounter flocks of birds bursting through their lab to steal large loads of special chemicals.
Nature's army starts to succeed in gathering enough to last them the journey that Brianch has been secretly planning since his inception of the idea to use the special chemical on the tree's branches. They are going to beat the humans at their own game and stay true to the ancient pact that his ancestors had made with the birds and animals.
The are going to populate another land away from the humans and continue to work together against all disasters, including humans. They are going to send a group of tree explorers to the moon! Humans can build whatever they wanted to build but it wasn't going to be with nature.
One evening on Vancouver Island, all the able trees from around the island meet up and are ready to go on their mission. Even though Brianch is too big to fly, he is there to lead the revolt and stop working for humans until they make meaningful change. One by one the trees start to take off and make the brave ascent to space...scooping up any animals and birds along the way who always believed that the humans needed to feel the effects of not having nature there to clean up after their mess.
Meanwhile on Vancouver Island...everything has halted. Brianch and Chip have stayed behind to recruit more trees and animals to also work less and abandon earth altogether...unless humans decide to cooperate like both their ancestors did!
Chip and his bird friends continue to steal the special chemical to distribute amongst the tress that are rallying in support of the duos plan. Each day more and more trees leave Vancouver...and life becomes harder for humans closeby.
The air quality is smoggy and the humans cannot build technology without getting sick. Planes cannot fly through the smog, and no one can go outside or do exercise without passing out
Until finally, the humans show up bearing a white flag and are willing to engage Brianch and Chip in negotiating a return of the trees and nature that had settled on the moon. Humans can no longer bear the suffering and are willing to change their ways and work with nature again. But just after they finish building one more thing...

This is where the special thanks would go!  I’m assuming they will be a little longer this week, therefore, I designed extra space for them. If there is far more description and special thanks then there is space, this entire box becomes scrollable.

Special Thanks:

Vancouver Patio Hoppers

Jjay, Paul


Treeple Draft (Alternative Ending)

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