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Nature and Technology were two spirits, each possessing powers given to them by magical crystals. Each tried to help humanity using the gifts they possessed: Natures, ability to grow plants, and Technology’s immense knowledge.
Over time, the humans began to favor Technology, even cutting down Nature’s forests in favor of urban development and gaining more resources. Nature went to confront Technology about it, begging for help, but by then, Technology had changed. The humans had replaced his limbs with mechanical parts, stringing up his brain to a complex system in order to better utilize his gifts. Technology, fearing he would let the humans down, decided to betray Nature and take her crystal to enhance his power.
With the enhanced powers, Technology was able to create machinery considered previously unfathomable. However, due to the lack of her crystal, Nature's creations slowly started to crumble.
Technology soon realized that though he had managed to please the humans, he had brought Nature to suffering. With his change of heart, he walked back to Nature, handing her back her crystal.
Nature accepted the crystal, gaining back her powers, and ever since that day, she and Technology have been working together instead of against each other, and are using their powers in harmony to improve the world.

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Nature and Technology - Final StoryReel 2022

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