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Reggie loves his life, it is predictable and happy. Until he suddenly falls ill and his "normal" life is taken from him. He has to fight through fears, be brave, accept his new journey, and find ways to heal through helping others who are sick. He realizes the whole time he was trying to get back to normal, normal is always changing and always different. Normal never really existed at all!
I worked hard to get my final project under 5 minutes. I am so excited I was able to do it! For fun I added a bonus clip as well for those of you who caught on to my story. Thank you to all of you who watched Reggie's journey and were so helpful along the way. I will miss this class and all of your projects too! I hope all of you keep pursuing your dreams, never give up!
Also, I noticed my video wasn't playing properly so I uploaded it again. Hope that isn't a problem! ;)

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