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Haven't had a chance to rework act 1 or draw act 2/3.

It's not in this upload but Smudge gets abandoned by her family when she gets hit by a car and they don't want to pay for her vet care. Eventually she starts to live in an alleyway and tries to win over people walking by. She eventually becomes sad, bitter, and apprehensive.

One day a young girl comes over to say hello. She tries to get close to Smudge and coax her out from her dumpster but Smudge runs away in fear.

Smudge stops running when she gets to an unfamiliar area of town and finds her way into a quiet alley. She curls up behind some garbage cans and falls asleep. Suddenly she hears rustling from behind her. She pops up faces the source of the noise, letting out a warning hiss. She sees one set of eyes peaking out at her from underneath the dumpster. Then a second pair peak out. Two mean-mugging dogs, a bulldog and a shih tzu, emerge from the dumpster.
They warn her that there's no point in running because they've got her cornered.

A new noise from above them puts Smudge on high alert again...someone just fell from the fire escape and plopped onto the ground.

Dumpling, the bulldog, and Glitz, the shih tzu, seem unfazed. The blob on the ground pops up unharmed. A floppy, goofy wiener dog shakes off the fall while wagging his tail in excitement. Dumpling and Glitz are bummed that he ruined their tough-guy act.

Flop the wiener dog is so excited to meet someone new. He leaps onto the trash can next to Smudge and licks all over her disapproving face.

**From here Smudge will reject the help of Dumpling and his friends and venture off on her own. She realizes shortly after that she actually likes other people's company. She tries to win over a couple sitting on a park bench but they run away in fear. An old lady nearby clutches her cross medallion and begins praying furiously. Sad and lonely once again, she falls asleep underneath an overgrown bush.

She's woken up by rustling in the bushes nearby. Two animal control officers are searching for strays. A hand starts to move back the branches to Smudge's hiding spot and she takes off!

Animal control chases her up and down and all around until she hits a dead end. In comes the 3 dogs from earlier, nipping at the heals of the officers and tripping them up with their tails and Dumpling's stocky build.

Once again, Smudge is angry that they helped her, but after a while she agrees that she's not actually better off alone.

[[ I haven't figured it out yet, but somehow Smudge will get captured by animal control and taken into the shelter. Just when Smudge thinks all hope is lost, the little girl from before comes in, sees her, and runs over with glee. Her mother thanks the officers for their help in the search for Smudge. The girl and her mother take Smudge home. She finally feels the love that she never wanted to admit she so desperately needed. ]]

This is where the special thanks would go!  I’m assuming they will be a little longer this week, therefore, I designed extra space for them. If there is far more description and special thanks then there is space, this entire box becomes scrollable.

Special Thanks:

Clover's Curse



Unedited Act 1 + outline for Acts 2 and 3

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