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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Aya who, on her fifth birthday, wished to be able to fly, and as she blew out her candles, her wish came true!

Aya’s parents were shocked as she floated out of her chair and joyfully flew around the room. Aya flew out the door and into the sky making loops and flying around trees. She landed on a tree branch with a huge smile across her face.

Every day, Aya would fly and play with her friends. Once, her best friend Lizzy was flying her kite, when it got stuck in a large oak tree. Aya quickly came to the rescue by flying up to the kite and untangling it. As she flew down from the tree, Aya was elated that she could help solve Lizzy’s problem. As Lizzy flew the kite again, Aya flew circles around it until she came down and they played and laughed together.

She would even help rescue their kites out of trees and reach things on high shelves.

Until one day, Aya and her family move to a new town. Aya cries as she says goodbye to Lizzy. Now, Aya has to attend sixth grade at a new middle school.

Aya is afraid that the kids at her new school will think it is weird that she can fly, so Aya doesn’t show her gift at school.

Aya is quiet and sits by herself. She wants to make friends, but she is afraid to talk to the kids at her new school.

Aya sees Cara talking to everyone and wearing fashionable clothes and makeup. Aya feels jealous of Cara, she seems so cool.

So, Aya gathers her confidence and sits with Cara at lunch.

Aya and Cara chat and become fast friends.

So, Aya invites Cara over to her house after school.

Aya is hopeful that Cara can be her best friend similar to Lizzie. So, Aya trusts Cara with her secret and shows Cara that she can fly.

Cara is shocked that Aya can actually fly! She worries that Aya will get more attention than her if the other kids know Aya can fly.

So, Cara lies and tells everyone at school that Aya is really weird because she pretends to fly and plays like a little kid.

Now, Aya is ignored at school, and no one wants to be her friend. She sits by herself at lunch, and after school, none of the other kids hang out with her.

Aya feels sad and lonely, and decides to not let her secret out again.

Until Finally, Aya and her classmates are on a field trip to the zoo, when a child falls into the moat around the bear exhibit. Aya makes the split second decision to save the child even though it means revealing her gift of flight to the whole school.

And ever since then, Aya has been accepted at school because she chose to be her true self instead of trying to blend in with her peers.

The moral of the story is, always be who you are instead of trying to be like everybody else.

This is where the special thanks would go!  I’m assuming they will be a little longer this week, therefore, I designed extra space for them. If there is far more description and special thanks then there is space, this entire box becomes scrollable.

Special Thanks:

Morgan Lecrone




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