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Once upon a time there was a small introverted angel named Gabriel who worked in the surveillance division of Angels LLC.

every morning he would observe humanity from his cubicle, and report on any threats to humanity on an individual or societal level.

He was great at his job, though his management and coworkers all pretty much ignored because he was soft spoken and shy.

Over many many many years, he became enamored with all the acts of heroism, he'd witness guardian angels do,

At home, he would hang out with his neighbor Matthew, where he would tell him stories about some guardian angel heroism he witnessed that day.

He would apply to the guardian angel corps every time a position came open, and every time, he'd get rejected.

At his yearly birthday party, his mother and father shower praise on his guardian angel brothers, talking about how proud they were of them, all while giving him consolations "maybe next year your wings will grow in". His father being on the Council of Arc Angels really made him feel the pressure to join the Guardian Angel Corps

And every day that he watched guardian angels saving and helping people, he was reminded of how small and insignificant he is and of his complete inability to live up his family's expectations.

His friend and neighbor Matthew, upon seeing an angel corps recruitment poster outside of their apartment building, notes that he wants to apply.

Gabriel mentions that he works in intelligence, and would bring his application in, to help grease the wheels so to speak.

Until one day, before handing in his and matthews applications, he switches their names , breaking the Angel Honor Code.

so Matthew gets hired into the surveillance division, Gabriel tells him he has no idea why they would put him in a position devoted to obervation, but its a good start, Matthew, reluctantly agrees.

and Gabriel gets accepted into angel corp training, so he asks his boss to take some vacation time. The boss says not on such short notice..... so Gabriel quits.

Because of that, he had to endure brutal guardian angel training and Matthew had to work a desk job.

Neither Gabriel or Matthew do well in their respective positions.

Gabriel Flounders completely on his first day , while Matthew displays the worst communication skills.

Upon finding out how hard Matthew has it, Gabriel feels guilty, so he starts to train Matthew in the ways of his old job. It doesn't make much difference, Matthew just doesn't get it, upon finding out how hard Gabriel's having it, Matthew gives him a piece of advice.

Because of that one piece of advice, Gabriel barely passes his angel corps training, while Gabriel's old department fell way behind in productivity so Matthew gets demoted to cupid duty, shooting teenagers with puppy love arrows, while Gabriel gets promoted to guardian angel receiving the coveted guardian angel halo.

Gabriels family throws a graduation party, but he can't help but feel empty upon seeing his family crest that has hung in his old home.

He gets his first assignment and its a human teenage boy, Nothing difficult for a few weeks, until one day the boy gets shot by a cupid arrow from Matthew, the two angels strike up a conversation, and M while he is sad, is doing his best to work his way up. In the process of their conversation, the teenager wanders into traffic, Gabriel shouts out that he's going to get hurt, and they both spring into action and Matthew saves him, while Gabriel was just physically too slow to do anything. In this moment, Gabe realizes what is, and isn't working.

Until Finally, Gabriel pulls off his halo, and gives it to Matthew, and confesses everything to him, He also mentions, that the kid is showing some kind of behavior that surveillance missed, and that Matthew should follow up on it with them. Matthew tells him upon his leaving, "You know, you're pretty good at that observing and reporting thing, I know a place you could work"

Gabriel goes before the arc angel council and confesses everything, including the fact that he thinks deep down he only wanted to be a guardian because of his family, but its no excuse, and he takes full responsibilty. his father's look, tells him everything he needs to know. The counsel immediately and forever bans Gabriel from being a guardian angel, and puts the word out that Matthew should go into training. Gabriel, gets completely ripped apart for his lies, but in light of his one observation about the teenager that he gave to Matthew, he finds out that lives were saved, so the council asks him to go back to his old post. He happily agrees, a moment after, his father apologizes to him, for making Gabriel feel he had to live up to anyones standards but his own.

He walks into his old office, and gets an uncharacteristically warm reception, they all missed him, and say they're sorry they ignored him, and they realized how important he is.

And ever since that day, Gabriel works his job with a new found vigor, supporting his New best friend Matthew, having learned to accept himself, strengths and weaknesses, small wings and all.

This is where the special thanks would go!  I’m assuming they will be a little longer this week, therefore, I designed extra space for them. If there is far more description and special thanks then there is space, this entire box becomes scrollable.

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